Our Date At The Zoo

Rick & I had a completely free weekend for the first time in 2013! By completely free I mean we had a ton of work/school work, Rick had a diaper party Saturday morning, and we had church Sunday morning, and client come over to do their taxes. This is what completely free means to us these days. We still managed to find a lot of time to be together, a lot more than lately. We made sure to stick together while we worked and took little silly breaks here and there. One of our “breaks” was a couple hours at Zoo Miami.

Rick had text me this week during one of his crazy days at work saying he wanted to take me to the zoo! I had been dying to go since we first got together so he found a great way to make up for our crazy schedules. It was perfect zoo weather; not hot at all! It was a cool breezy day. This is as rare as Hailey’s Comet in Miami! I got to see all of the animals, which I love! I am not a tree hunger, but it really makes me sit back and think how great of a Maker my God is. They are also cool, funny, and some are kind and fluffy.

My favorite part? We got to interact and feed several giraffes! I was quite scared at first, but once I got use to their tongues I had a blast! I didn’t want to leave them.

Here are some pictures of us feeding the giraffes and my favorite unedited pictures of some of the animals. I think I am getting a bit better at working my camera. 😉

IMG_2212 IMG_2227 IMG_2254 IMG_2282 IMG_2312 IMG_2327 IMG_2363 IMG_2381 IMG_2435 IMG_2437 IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2452 IMG_2454 IMG_2459 IMG_2461 IMG_2464 IMG_2466 IMG_2536


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