Introducing Hennessy!

No, not the liquor. The dog! Here’s the story…

This is Bella.

IMG_2583-2I got her almost four years ago for my birthday. Rick found her for me. When I brought her home my family immediately feel in love with her. When I got married, she came with me. Rick was extremely happy, but my family would surely miss her. And they did. My mom really wanted her to stay. She missed her so much she wanted a new doggy for her house.

This is Hennessy.

IMG_2631-2Or Henny for short. He is three years old and he needed a home. My mom’s favorite dog has always been a Yorkie. This was the perfect opportunity for my mom to get her favorite dog to keep her company AND to do a good deed and save this doggy. He’s a crazy, but a good boy.

I met him yesterday, and I must say my mom is so happy! Since I left home, my mom has really been missing me and Bella. When I saw how excited she was and how much she loved Henny already, I felt at peace. I was happy seeing my mom happy. Now she has a little friend to “replace” us. It’ll never be an amazing Jas & Bella combo, but it gets the job done.


Moral of the story: When you move away, get your family a dog. Just kidding! …but seriously. If it works! Haha!

P.S. Bella does not like dogs, unless it’s little and a boy. Their play date went better than expected. She likes him. 🙂



One thought on “Introducing Hennessy!

  1. Olga benitez says:

    Aww.. This has made me smile. . Henny gave me a little of a sleepless night .. But is understandable. She is adjusting to her new family. I am so happy Bella and Henny got along so well. 🙂

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