Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

This isn’t your typical “I was late and nausoues so I peed on a stick and we celebrated” pregnancy story. My life isn’t that simple, or uneventful.

I had been having awful stomach pains for some time. I dismissed them, thinking my period was coming any day now, until one  Sunday night the pain just got so intense that I knew something was wrong. The very next day Rick took me to urgent care. After several questionnaires and examinations, the doctor returns to my little room to literally just say “Ummm, you’re pregnant and need to go to the hospital. Do you need an ambulance to take you?”

My jaw dropped. Rick &I looked at each other shocked. That lasted for a millisecond as the next immediate thought was is my baby okay? We immediately got up, walked to our car and drove to the hospital. We loved this baby so much already as all we could talk about was this little being. I kept saying the baby better be okay. I don’t even know what I meant by that. Who was going to pay if the baby wasn’t?

We get to the ER as I am quickly admitted, IV and everything. After all of their testing they confirm the baby was just fine and sent me home with antibiotics and told me to rest. What started as a painful and scary day, turned into a beautiful blessing in disguise.

As you might have discovered while reading, this baby wasn’t planned. I can speak about this honestly because I believe it makes my story and this process a little more amazing. Rick and I thought we would be that couple that unsuccessfully tried for years to get pregnant with my medical history. Instead, we were that couple that got a baby without trying! We are so blessed and don’t take this for granted for not one second. We appreciate and love our baby so much. This baby is the best surprise we have ever been given.



One thought on “Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

  1. God’s timing is always perfect! Thanks for sharing the story. How special! You are going to make wonderful parents.

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