Tummy Talks

Today I am 16 weeks (4 months)! The first trimester felt very long and never-ending. Now I feel as if time is just passing by. It is a pretty bitter-sweet feeling. I can’t wait for each milestone and to meet my baby, but I still want to soak in and treasure every moment. 

I was so anxious for this day as my baby can begin to hear me. How cool and amazing and wonderful is that?! As Rick &I woke up today it seems we had the same agenda. Right before leaving work, he gets right on my tummy and tells the baby “I have to go to work now, but I love you. I’m your daddy!” and gives it a few kisses good-bye. My heart melted. So touching. I still had 45 minutes until I had to get up and get ready for work. During this time I usually just go back to sleep. This morning I just couldn’t. I decided to talk to my baby. I just held my belly and shared my heart; my heart for him or her. I just couldn’t stop telling the baby how happy I was to have him or her and that I love him or her. My life is all about him or her.

For Christmas Rick got me bellybuds. It is a sound system for your tummy. The speakers stick to your tummy, leaving your hands free while your baby enjoys some music. With that, I  played my baby’s first song. I couldn’t decide between my two faves; Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift. Ha! I went with Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”. It felt appropriate. With the bellybuds, Rick gave me three baby einstein classical CDs. I’ll probably start using those soon. 

Little things like this get me excited these days, as silly as it may seem to others.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


Looking ahead…

My next milestone? GENDER!!! I can’t wait to finally call the baby either him or her, or better yet, by his or her name! Stay tuned!



6 thoughts on “Tummy Talks

  1. Can’t wait to find out the gender! Sounds like you’ve already decided on names?!

  2. Princess Leia's Mommy. says:

    Baby Einstein is the best. Thats all Leia watches and she repeats alot from the shows and loves the music. Baby Einstein is a must for the baby! ❤

  3. cherise says:

    Love it !!! when do you find out the gender?

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