It’s a boy!

Last Thursday I went to the doctor with Rick, his mom, and my mom for my anatomy scan. It was the day we had all been waiting for. We were so anxious to finally know if our little one was a boy or a girl.

When Rick and I first found out we were expecting, we knew we wanted a boy. We had always said we wanted a boy first. Then my morning sickness came, and my face started breaking out, and all I wanted to eat were sweets, and I had gotten wider, (every wives tale that points to a girl) etc. We also felt everyone around us already had boys. It was time for girls to start coming into this world. I know, I know, we are so silly. So as I began to think more and more we were having a girl, I fell in love with the idea. Most of our friends and family thought we were having a girl as well. It made me so excited! I went from for sure not wanting a girl to now convinced it was a girl. This was a good thing though, because now no matter what I had I didn’t have the fear of being disappointed (I have heard of it happening to people).

We went into my doctor’s appointment so anxious and to our surprise, it’s a boy! We all cheered and it was an uxexplainable beautiful moment. We were so happy! Just what we originally wanted. We started thinking of all the positives and just fell more in love with our little one. We told our family, but we had to hold in this information until Saturday for out gender reveal party for our friends.

Saturday came and we were so excited. My friends took their votes as they anxiously waited. Rick and I had decided to do something a little different. Most people have balloons in a box. We had silly string! Once everyone arrived at my house, we went to my backyard as I handed everyone a can. We counted down until everyone sprayed us with blue silly string! It was a fun, messy, and silly ‘ol time! Everyone was so happy, and some people so shocked (as we were).

I’ve been on cloud nine and just feeling so loving these last few days. All I can think about is my son. Yes, my son. We have a nursery theme picked out and we have already started the clothes shopping. All I want to do is go down the baby boy isle and buy buy buy! Our next milestone will be a name, but thats a whole other post for a whole other time (when we actually decide on one).

Here are some sonogram pictures and pictures from our gender reveal party.

photo 1 copy photo 4 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset photo 1 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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